Be Safe and Secure with Wind Mitigation Inspection

Preparing a wind mitigation report requires a home inspection, which focuses on the safety measures against effects of any windstorm. It includes a wind inspection process, proper steps to conduct an inspection, inspection cost. and final discount calculation from the whole process. There are various companies in the Miami that offer wind mitigation to the residents of the city.

Wind Mitigation Inspector

A wind mitigation inspector checks and verifies whether the property is properly up to the codes of hurricane resistant construction. In Miami, wind mitigation reports outline features that decrease the chances of an expensive destruction of the home in the case of hurricane, tornado or a windstorm. This type of inspection is mostly done in the places that are near the coastline, where  hurricanes and high wind storms are known to hit first, such as Miami. Situated in the northeastern part of Florida, most of the buildings and homes in this region are made through the use of wind resistant resources and construction methods. If the construction is done according to the wind mitigation standards, then it may provide some rebate or discounts while claiming for insurance.


Features That Help With Discounts

There are certain features that help in decreasing the insurance premium amount of the house, that are:

  • Roof Shielding Width

The thickness or width of the roof shielding must match the requirement of the wind mitigation inspection team, which is 8/18” or thicker.

  • Rooftop Mounting

The type of rooftop mounted over the home must have been constructed after the year 2003,  as rooftops manufactured after this period are more reliable and durable by comparison.

  • Nail Spacing

Space among the nails that retain rooftop shielding provides information on how strong the roof is when affected by wind.  This outlining defines how much wind strength a rooftop can face while handling any possible destruction.

  • Rooftop Dimensions

Some rooftops have lower wind resistance like hip roofs while some have the higher wind resistance like gabled rooftops. So, in order to get significant rebates or discounts on  home insurance premiums, you must have either type of roof.

  • Pin/Strip Quality

To secure the rooftop framing of the house structure, high quality of pins or strips must be used in the construction of the house.

  • Wind Mitigation Inspection

This type of wind mitigation inspection is performed by licensed household assessors, such a constructor, a builder, or an engineer. They visit a property and do inspection according to the checklist provided by the team. The main area of inspection is the rooftop of the house. In the end, the report is generated by the team and submitted to the insurance company for finalization.

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